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PROJECTS, in alphabetical order, and their status:


Anguish Annuls Anger: 1-day seminar with full outline

Apostle versus Herald: working on a tract. . .
Divorce As "Required" by Scripture: 250-page book
Goat Grappling: rightly reversing. . .Matthew's sheep & goats
     Here now is an abbreviated example of Deeper Doctrine (or deeper teaching) as opposed to Common Doctrine (or common teaching).
     Nowadays there is much emphasis, with some of it being admirable, on helping "one of the least of these," as found (NIV) in Matthew 25:45.  On the other hand, Matthew 25:40 states, "one of the least of these brothers of mine." (Underlining supplied.)  Since the antecedent brother appears first (verse 40) "informs" the latter appearance of the same word brother (verse 45).  It is therefore rather important to define "brother."  In Mark 3:35 Jesus said, "Whoever does God's will is my brother...."  So..., if I visit prison inmates who are not brothers when I could have sought to visit those who are brothers, I am actually a goat.  However..., many in my congregation (and myself included) would unwittingly & wrongfully see me as a sheep...unless we knew of the Deeper Doctrine.  Said Doctrine actually shows me to be a goat.  And the gravely additional importance of Matthew 25:46 cannot be ignored; because, Jesus indicates that the goats will go to eternal punishment whereas the sheep will go to eternal life.  Similarly many well-meaning Christians give some of their 10% tithe money to high-profile, secular causes.  These monies belong to the Church; and, without them...brothers doing World Missions often "go begging."
Marriage, Divorce, Celibacy & Remarriage: 1-day seminar

Meaningful Modesty: 3-hour, interactive seminar

Proving "Peace" Church: 3-hour, interactive seminar

Salvation is Not 'free' but is Indescribably Generous: work in progress

Sinning Only Once: work in progress (see I Kings 15:5)
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